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Sea of Time: A Vampire CRPG

Sea of Time is an isometric CRPG, where the player control a coterie of vampires, and take them, or the childer they embrace, through key eras and location significant to Kindred society, discovering secrets, learning hidden lore, negotiating alliances, mastering the powers of the blood, and uncovering a conspiracy older than recorded history. Establish a lineage tracing your bloodline back to a founder or hoard the power of your blood throughout the ages. Battle, outwit, or gain the favor of the various vampire clans, mortal factions, or other denizens of the World of Darkness. Discover the mysterious forces pulling the strings behind a vast conspiracy spanning millennia and uncover or become part of it. Download a prototype of the Act 1 Character Creator here: Sea of Time by David Tveraas (

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